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2. Webpromotion, Inc.
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Offers web site designs, secured commerce, interactive databases, GUIs, corporate identity, logos, and custom illustrations.

3. MBC Teleproductions
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Providing Beta SP broadcast quality video, 3D animation design/rendering, corporate videos and program syndication. Studio on site.

4. High Radiation
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Providing web and broadcast design, digital video, Flash animation, and titling services.

5. Envision Group, The
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Creating compelling online identities and interactive media solutions.

6. Black Belt Systems, Inc.
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F/x software for stills or animations: fire, lightning, morphing, warping, water, etc. for Win31, WinNT(Alpha, MIPS, PPC, & Intel)

7. Splitvision Digital
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Offers 3D design and animation services including product recreation and multimedia designs. Based in San Francisco, California.

8. McCabe Design Company
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Multimedia and TV production studio. Specializes in web site design and the creation of animated spots for television.

9. Spank.Interactive
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Multimedia design and production studio. Animation, 3D modeling, digital video, special effects, architectural & product simulations, computer presentations, and Web design.

10. Animated Vision
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Transforms printed assembly, operation, and installation instructions into a business tool using animated instructions.
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